A long tradition started in 1885 and now at its fifth generation, that carries on the Tuscan handicraft while matching it with an exciting and seducing modernity. A path marked by devotion, constant research and the comparison and testing of new artistic ways and techniques. Caporali unites innovation and tradition into an elegant and original style, creating unique and customized products that fulfil the taste of the most demanding customers. Iron is the centre of these creations, and it is crafted according to a typically Italian, and in particular Tuscan, tradition, which gives this material an uncommon quality: lightness.



We are moving towards the knowledge of the use of iron as a furnishing element. A heritage built up with devotion; a constant research, a free experimentation without boundaries, to modernize the traditional use of wrought iron, with the enthusiasm of amazing and fulfi lling the more and more demanding and constantly changing tastes of the customers.


Research, innovation and exploration of new artistic techniques: these are our values, our talent.



I lead a lab that gives young designers a chance to meet the new trends
in furniture, compare their ideas and test the creation of new lines. The company unites a handicraft tradition and quality into unique pieces entirely manufactured in Italy; it is appreciated worldwide for its ability to give iron the uncommon quality of lightness.